China OEM EP Rotary Cutters Gearboxes gearbox code no. EPRC30 – replacement of code no. – omni gear rc30 near me manufacturer


EP gearbox code no. EPRC30 &#8211 alternative of code no. &#8211 Omni equipment rc30

EP substitute code for Omni equipment rc30


  • Shearbolt
  • Gearbox
  • Rotary Cutter

You may possibly do not need a rebuild when you can exchange it at a lower price.  These gearboxes can be used for the replacement of devices like: WAC, Huge Bee, LMC, King Kutter, Midwest, Worksaver, HawkLine, Worldwide, Servis, Bush Hog, some Howse, and a lot of far more. P.s. : The changed Gearbox may possibly have a rounded housing or square housing as demonstrated, relying on the actual scenario, most inside parts are specifically interchangeable and requirements for equally packing containers are identical!

Disclaimer: Any and all First Equipment Producer&#8217s (OEM) tradenames, logos, drawings, colours, descriptive information, and element quantities are used for elements identification purposes only, and EPT is in no way implying that any specific areas are OEM parts. Even more, any use of the OEM&#8217s tradenames, emblems, drawings or part quantities by EPT is developed only to help buyers, in obtaining the suitable component or element which will exchange the OEM&#8217s component.

Rotary Cutters Gearboxes  &#8211 Gearboxes Information:

Alternative 30-forty five HP Omni Gearbox interchange with objects RC30 (+ 5 Shear  Nuts &amp Bolts ) without having oil

ISO (DIN &#8211 AGMA ) normal 1-3/8&#8243 sleek turning dia. enter shaft (  drilling with 1/2&#8243 shear bolt gap) also additionally ring groove, In addition common 1.fifty seven&#8243 diameter shaped taper twelve tapered spline output shaft, which is the most well-known link measurement for all types of mild, regular, and medium-obligation rotary cutters.

This higher good quality with the most affordable price, economically developed gearbox featured substantial-quality ball bearing models and carbonized heat treatment gears units, and input and output shafts with long existence. 4-bolt assembly is our most well-liked agricultural machinery standard.

  • No oil
  • from 30 &#8211 45HP Rated
  • 1-3/8&#8243 SB input
  • 1-1/2&#8243 X twelve Spline Output
  • one:1.forty seven Ratio for use on 5&#8242 and bigger dia. rotary cutters

Model EPT250001
Rotation  input CCW &#8211  presents output  CW with  Gear improve Ratio 1:1.forty seven
Enter RPM could be:  540/1000   Output RPM could be: 793/1470
Enter HP: thirty-forty five
Max Torque: 2800-4667 in.lbs.
Enter Shaft : 1-3/8&#8243 dia. x 3&#8243 lengthy w/1/2&#8243 dia. pinhole
Output Shaft 1-9/16&#8243 dia. 12 tooth tapered spline w/threaded stop. 4-1/2&#8243 overall size
Blade Hub 2.ninety five&#8243 dia. x 2.02&#8243 stepped down to 2.5&#8243 dia. x .27&#8243 then tapers down to 2.183&#8243 dia. over .315&#8243
Mount 4 holes on 6.8&#8243 dia. B.C.
Pilot 5-1/4&#8243 dia.
Dimension ten-1/4&#8243 x 7&#8243 x 7&#8243
Shpg. 54 lbs.


The interchange with (substitute for ) BMB &#8211 1080, 10300

The interchange with (substitute for )HARDEE &#8211 C1378

The interchange with (replacement for ) MOHAWK &#8211 14-five hundred

The interchange with (replacement for ) RHINO &#8211 0711050100, 71105

The interchange with (substitution for ) SE Large OX &#8211 1970

The interchange with (substitute for ) SIDEWINDER &#8211 26272

  • The interchange with (substitution for ) A lot of Razorback Series BH4, BH5, BH6 
  • The interchange with (alternative for ) Several Razorback Sequence BH4-2, BH5-2, BH6-two
  • The interchange with (alternative for ) A lot of RD5 &amp RD6 Rotary Cutter
  • The interchange with (replacement for ) Numerous RZ160 Rotary Cutter 
  • The interchange with (substitution for ) Numerous RZ60 Rotary Cutter 

Screw Shaft Kinds

If you might be searching for a screw shaft, but are not confident which sort to acquire, you’re in luck. In this report, we will speak about the various varieties, like Threaded shank, Round head, and Machined. As soon as you have go through it, you will know which variety to purchase. Then, you can decide regardless of whether you want a ball screw nut or a threaded shank.

Machined screw shafts

Apart from the normal stainless steel shaft, makers also supply a assortment of other components, these kinds of as titanium, bronze, and brass. In addition to stainless metal, makers also give a range of top-coating options, such as zinc, brass, and chromium. Aluminum screws are not especially tough and are easily influenced by weather conditions. Most screw shafts function self-locking mechanisms. They are specifically valuable in C-clamps, vises, and screw-top container lids.
For programs where accuracy is important, a ball screw shaft needs to be annealed. A warmth therapy can be carried out on the ball screw shaft to guarantee that equally finishes are heated evenly. In this procedure, the shaft will be far more tough, while preserving its higher-precision qualities. These screw shafts are a important component in pc-controlled movement-handle programs, wire bonding, and other industries that need substantial-precision and higher-good quality performance.
Depending on the substance utilised, screw shafts can be manufactured of stainless metal or titanium. Substantial-precision CNC devices and lathes are typically used to manufacture screw shafts. Numerous designs and measurements are offered, every single with a certain application. Whether you require a modest or massive screw, you can find one to match your needs. And given that each and every dimensions requires a different material, your choice of substance is essential as effectively.
In general, the resources used for machining screw shafts are metal, stainless steel, titanium, brass, bronze, and aluminum. Metals that resist corrosion are also frequently utilised. Other resources for screw shafts are Teflon, nylon, and nylon. You can also find threaded screw shafts in materials this sort of as porcelain, glass, and ceramic. If you want to use your screws in a unique substance, consider purchasing a custom-made one.

Ball screw nuts

If you have a screw shaft, the last issue you want to worry about is the ball nut slipping off. To stop this, you can location a short term end in the shaft’s grooves to make certain that the ball nut does not slide off. When you remove the end, you can then put in the ball screw nut. But, before you can install the ball screw nut, you have to make sure that you have a very good grip on the shaft.
When deciding on ball screw nuts, it truly is important to think about how much preload you need to use to keep away from abnormal backlash. Preloading eliminates this dilemma by generating the ball nut compact. It also helps prevent backlash, which is misplaced movement triggered by clearance in between the ball and nut. Backlash disrupts repeatability and accuracy. This is exactly where spacer preloading will come in. You can insert a spacer among the two ball nuts to transmit the drive to the nut. Even so, you must maintain in brain that this method decreases the load capability of the ball screw.
The crucial speed of a screw is the optimum rotating pace ahead of it whips. This vital velocity is affected by a number of factors, which includes the diameter of the screw shaft, the amount of support components, and the content. By modifying these factors, you can minimize the variety of parts used and the quantity of time it normally takes to assemble the screw shaft. In addition, you can also minimize the quantity of elements and steer clear of stacking tolerances. However, the crucial pace of plastic nuts is restricted owing to sliding friction.
The ball screw nut has a number of traits that make it special. Its most well known feature is the presence of ball bearings. These balls aid reduce friction in between the screw nut and the shaft. Without having ball bearings, the friction would be as well substantial to operate appropriately. Yet another important characteristic is the groove profile of the nut and ball. These two characteristics ensure that the ball and the nut meet up with at two factors. You are going to be surprised by the outcomes of the function of these ball screw nuts.

Threaded shank

Wood screws are typically not entirely threaded because the shank has an unthreaded portion at the prime. This shoulder component forces the screw to compress two pieces of wooden, which prevents the screw from overheating and compromising the supplies toughness. As the screw is threaded partly up, it is not as difficult to take away as a totally threaded screw. Nevertheless, it is critical to note that a wooden screw will not maintain as tightly as one particular with a fully threaded shank.
In addition to getting common, screw threads can be of different sizes. For example, a M8 screw has a thread pitch of 1.25 mm. To stay away from confusion, screw thread pitches are commonly given with a multiplication indication. For instance, M8x1 means that the screw is 8 mm in diameter but has a thread pitch of one mm for each 360-diploma rotation. These who are not common with these proportions could discover it confusing.
The OD of the threaded portion of a bolt is typically smaller sized than the OD of the nut. If the shank is too deep for the nut to suit, the threads may possibly bottom out. This is why it really is crucial to use a thread-chopping little bit with a small thread diameter. You can use a micrometer or caliper to measure the thread diameter. This resource will also permit you to easily determine which screw dimension fits exactly where and how effectively.
The metric program is the most widely utilized. Fasteners with DIN figures are typically metric in size. This makes them extremely useful for industrial settings. You can uncover metric-sized screws wherever, as prolonged as you purchase them from a respected maker. These fasteners also occur with a dog level, which is utilised for protection wire. If the screw demands to be replaced, the shank can be drilled with a hole for a security wire or for a puppy-stage.

Spherical head

A round head screw is the most widespread kind utilized for machine screws. Other frequent sorts include truss head, flat head, and hexed head. Each and every has a different profile and are utilized for various reasons. A round head screw is usually broader than a flat or a hexed head, and has a slightly rounded surface area. These screws are useful for projects involving sheet metal or sheet-metal parts. Round heads are typically marginally broader than a hex head screw, and they might also be utilized as a substitute for washers in specified apps. Even so, truss heads are not needed for each and every undertaking.
A wooden screw has a clean shank that protrudes previously mentioned the surface of the substance it is attaching. A metal screw has a threaded shaft that is entirely threaded from head to point, and a fully threaded shaft provides far more chunk. Two common head styles are round head and pan head. If the activity demands the screw to be flush or countersunk, the spherical head will be the best choice.
One more variety is the Reed & Prince screw push. These are related to Phillips screws but have a 75-degree V shape. They are frequently employed in marine hardware and are also identified as BNAE NFL22-070. This kind is also used for metal plate hangers. In addition to spherical head and pan head screws, there are a selection of other screw types. You can even get a head with a slotted head if you know the place to appear.
Screw diameters are specified in accordance to the ISO 261 or ISO 262 specifications. An M8 screw has a diameter of 8.twenty five mm. The M8 screw has a pitch of 1.twenty five mm, which is equivalent to a single mm for each 360 degrees. There are several other normal screw dimensions and thread diameters offered. You can find them all by consulting the related specifications. But remember, the metric program is the most well-liked.

Self-locking system

A self-locking mechanism for a screw shaft is a system that secures the screw to its supporting member in a failure placement. The locking system offers a positive relationship in between the screw shaft and the control surface for the duration of standard procedure, and locks the screw to its supporting member when the screw fails. Earlier makes an attempt to fix this dilemma have normally utilised secondary nuts with free of charge engage in on the screw, which ended up intentionally created to jam when loaded. Nonetheless, these kinds of a system can be unreliable, which is why the current invention delivers a more strong and reliable locking mechanism.
The self-locking purpose of a screw relies upon on a number of elements, including its pitch angle and the coefficient of friction of the threads. The angle of friction should be less than the tangent of the materials pairing to avoid untightening of the screw. Screws with self-locking mechanisms have an effectiveness e lower than 50%, which is less than 50 percent. Self-locking screws also have the gain of getting much less productive than a normal screw.
Not like a regular screw, a self-locking screw can be turned in both direction. The nut 22 rotates with the screw shaft, and the member 23 is translated in an axial path. Irrespective of the course of the rotation of the screw, this axial translation will end result in the opposite moment to that input moment. Although screw self-locking mechanisms are normally much less costly, they are a lot more reputable and resilient.
An additional critical characteristic of self-locking screws is that they are not prone to impartial loosening. The screw are not able to rotate with out a specific amount of torque. In addition, a self-locking screw shaft have to have a small wedge with a scaled-down half-angle than the arctangent of the static friction. This signifies that the torque utilized by the driver need to be better than the torque required to defeat the friction.

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